Creating Cool Characters & Wonderful Worlds

Indian-born, Toronto based designer Robin Joseph was lucky to meet great people in the animation industry during his early years. He was mentored by Ajit Rao who guided him to join the Sheridan College in Canada. After his three-year course in classical animation he worked at House of Cool in Toronto. Two years ago, he decided to go freelance and has been creating the look, characters and visual language for the animation world.

Robin’s client list include Aardman, Animation Lab, BlueSky Studios, Hammer & Tongs, Happy Product Inc., Illumination Entertainmant, LAIKA Entertainment, Red Rover, Sony Pictures Animation and Walt Disney Feature Animation. Here is a little sample of his work for Bluesky Studios for their film Horton hears a who:

Here is work from his stint at Sony Pictures for a film called ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs‘.

Robin has also been working on a short film of his on called ‘Fox and the Whale’ which he works on whenever he manages to get some free time. Here is a sneak peek :

Robin’s most recent project that is out in theatres is Despicable Me.


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