Bright, Fun Paintings

An artist, jewelry designer, amateur photographer, traveller and an explorer of life, Kala Pohl is the right mix of everything creative. Her love for art began during her childhood in Malaysia. She experimented with watercolor, pastels and pencil sketches and went on to study batik design.

After a long career in the technology industry, Kala began a full-time art career while living in Kona, Hawaii in 2002. She gained popularity quickly as a Contemporary Folk Artist and is appreciated for her unique fun-style that embraces the charm and innocence of folk art.

Kala’s art is in private collections throughout the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe.

Here are a few of her bright and  fun paintings:





Kala also runs a non-profit organization called Amithi. Amithin tries to create healthy communities by offering programs that nurture self-awareness and provide people with the skills and techniques needed to consciously reduce stress and anxiety. It promotes mental and physical relaxation through a spectrum of programs that incorporate the arts (painting, crafts, music, dance, poetry), meditation, movement exercises (Yoga and Tai Chi) and nutritional education.

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    Wow, Nisha, thank you so much:) Very much appreciated!

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