Art as Social Commentary

Born and brought up in Delhi, Kunel Gaur lived in a joint family full of uncles and aunties. One of his aunt was a fine-artist; and that’s where it all started. Kunel would stand beside his aunt every evening watching what she did. Whether it was water colour or oils or holding shiny black vinyl alphabets with a pair of really thin forceps, it was all surreal at that age and so Kunel would absorb everything bit by bit.

While studying Kunel originally took science wanting to become an astronaut, however he left it to pursue a course in Advertising and Graphic Design from Wigan and Leigh College and claims to have become a messenger of peace for extra-terrestrial life-forms. An artist with a keen eye for apocalypse and beyond, Kunel’s style of work is a social commentary away from the political fabric of the world.

As an artist he has been a part of a recent collaboration with Adidas Originals where 3 artists came together to create work for the launch of their ZX Flux series. Here is the result.

Last month Kunel was commissioned by Elle Magazine to create a piece dedicated to Alice in wonderland completing 150 years. It was published in the November issue. Here is what his work looked like:

Kunel was also part of the Taxi Fabric project in Mumbai, where he designed a taxi giving tribute to the freedom fighters of India. Here are a few pictures:

Kunel has been a part of various group shows in Delhi. He is also the founder of Animal, an independent creative agency and is currently preparing for a solo show.

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