Arjun Kamath Photography

Photographer Arjun Kamath’s introduction into the world of photography was not an ordinary one. Originally an IT Engineer student from Bangalore, for Arjun it all changed in 2009 when he auditioned for a role in director Raju Hirani’s Bollywood feature film 3 Idiots and landed a miniscule non-speaking role in it. He loved being on a production set. Meeting Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani, Sharman Joshi and Madhavan on the set of 3 Idiots was the start of his creative journey. About a month after filming, Arjun signed up for a short, 15-day photography workshop with Mr. Bhaskar Gauribidanur—and has never looked back since then.

Arjun fell in love with photography and decided to weave photography and text to form compelling visual narratives. He collaborated with some of India’s best faces, and is currently expanding his creative base in film and television in Los Angeles, CA. At USC he trained  under the two-time Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Mark Jonathan. Arjun’s work has featured in Vogue Italia. His Facebook page, Arjun Kamath Photography, has nearly 50,000 fans.

Arjun is currently focusing on directing and cinematography at USC, and is also working on a photographic project called The Russian Dream (working title) which is an inspirational photo documentary about the journey of a talented Russian dancer, her struggle, her dreams and the emotional journey all artists face.

Here are a few of Arjun’s  beautiful images:


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