A Riot of Colours

Delhi-based independent animation filmmaker and illustrator Priya Kuriyan loves observing people in public places and sketching them whenever possible. She started illustrating for children’s books while she was still a student and thoroughly enjoyed it, leading to her career as an illustrator.

After having worked in Bombay for two years with a company that made animated commercials, Priya moved to Delhi to direct educational films for the Sesame street show in India. Two of her short films for Sesame Street – Camouflage and What is an ostrich? were part of the official selection at the Annecy film festival in 2007. ‘What is an ostrich?’ also won an IDPA gold award in 2007. Over the past four years Priya has also been illustrating for a number of children’s books and comics. Here are a few of her colourful illustrations:

Last year Priya collaborated with writer Aniruddha Sen Gupta, to bring out a fully illustrated book called ‘Our toxic world ‘ that addresses serious issues about toxins that seep into the environment. Currently she is working on a collaborative project with surgeon/writer Ambarish Satwick. Here are illustrations for one of his essays called Bella Italiana . The essay has to do with how Italian men view the other sex.

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  1. December 22, 2010 at 7:29 am

    Interesting work, Nisha Ji. Do you have some kind of Art-detector that you use? I love your collection. Couldn’t visit earlier because of the pesky live ones 🙁

    Gorakh Nath.

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